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Small Business

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Small Business Accounting Made Easy!

As a small business owner, your energy should be focused on expanding your business and making money. Allowing Summerville & Associates take care of your accounting and bookkeeping needs frees you from the time constraints and worry of small business accounting. We simply do it all for you, keep your finances organized, keep you out of legal and financial trouble, and help you keep more of the money that you make!

For the small business owner, just keeping up with the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, updating your daily transactions, deciding which accounting system you need, remembering to file your annual reports, preparing financial statements, seeking bank financing and all of the other responsibilities required of a corporate entity can fall by the way-side. Unfortunately, ignoring or neglecting your small business bookkeeping will eventually lead to a financial meltdown leaving you with a big, expensive mess to clean up!

“We liked the expertise and patience provided by Summerville & Associates Also, his ENTIRE staff, how friendly and helpful they were! Thank you!” -Brian & Kerry M. Painless Small Business Accounting Services Summerville & Associates gives you a dedicated small business accountant locally based in the SF Bay Area who takes these overwhelming responsibilities off your plate, is available to answer all your questions and offers professional advice to put you on the track to financial sanity—freeing more of your time to run your small business and live your life.

Small Business Setup & Self Employment Setting up a small business, even if you are the only employee of that business, requires solid planning to ensure success. Make sure you have your “parachute” packed when making the leap from employee to small business owner!

Today people have more choices than ever before when it comes to making a living. Even those who keep their regular full time positions as employees are taking on side work as independent contractors and some are choosing to make the leap to full time self employment or small business setup.

This may be your first foray into realms outside of employment with little to no understanding of the tax implications involved in such ventures. Did you know that for most Sole Proprietors as much as 50.3% of every dollar of profit that they make could be owed to the IRS, Social Security and Medicare?

We understand it can be difficult knowing where to turn for accurate advice or information to educate yourself about your new circumstances. Here at Summerville & Associates Accounting, we embrace the mantra “knowledge is power”. Our small business accounting services focus on empowerment, through education to help you learn to make educated decisions regarding tax liabilities.

Self Employment Business Orientation: How To Avoid Tax Problems & Pave The Way To Success. Consult with Summerville & Associates small business accountants to get answers to your questions: Deductions: what is and is not deductible

How much should I set aside for taxes, Medicare & Social Security? Do I have to pay State Taxes? Do I need to charge Sales Tax? Do I have to make quarterly payments? Do I qualify for the mileage deduction? What can I do to reduce my tax liability? One hour of your time spent with us will result in big tax benefits as you make every day decisions regarding your small business bookkeeping. In this personalized, private session with a specialist, he will go over the main topics that could affect you, answer any questions that you have and provide you with a small business tax reference guide that will help you make good decisions that will have positive tax results.