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We are Enrolled Agents

IRS got you worried about Taxes?

Relax, all the tax help you need is just a phone call away! Summerville & Associates has tax accounting experts ready to help you through anything the IRS has to throw at you.

We know you want to be treated like a person, not a number. We also know that you (or your business or family) have unique tax situations that require an intimate knowledge of the latest IRS tax codes to ensure that you get all of the tax credits that you deserve to minimize the income taxes that you’ll pay on your annual income tax return.

Get personalized service and tax returns that are completed accurately and by tax professionals with a proven track record with the IRS & State tax authorities. Having our team behind you gives you peace of mind. If you’re already facing tax problems, we can help with that too.

Why do people dread filling income Taxes? Because most individuals and business owners don’t know, or don’t care to think about, the little things they can do throughout the year to receive more tax credits and reduce their tax liability. So, they hand over their paperwork and wait nervously to receive notice of the amount they owe.

There are smart choices you can make each year that will give you the edge over your competition. Don’t you deserve the freedom to upgrade or expand your business without the fear of being slapped with a big income tax bill?