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Personal Tax Planning

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Tax Planning for your Future

For most people, tax planning involves little more than deciding what box to check on their W-4 form at work. What’s to plan, right? You have income, you pay income taxes — simple. Well, not quite! A qualified tax advisor can help you plan everything from major purchases like a vehicle, boat or home to retirement planning or even how to minimize inheritance tax. Summerville & Associates can offer you sound tax advice and help you plan these events to ensure the greatest tax benefit to you.

Without the guidance of an experienced tax advisor, you may not have all the information you need to get the most benefit from the deductions you are allowed, or to even report your income accurately. Don’t gamble on tax software or tax preparers who have just a few weeks of tax preparation education. Your Summerville & Associate tax planning expert has years of experience, and will be able to answer questions and give you tax advice that will position you to pay the least amount of taxes you are legally liable for.

Not only do we give you peace of mind that your tax returns are filed accurately and provide you with the maximum tax benefit, you also have an experienced tax advisor available to you year round. With our decades of combined tax planning experience our team is there for you with guidance and advice to assist you in making choices over the coming year that will help you plan to reduce your tax liability even further.

Taking Chances With Your Retirement Planning? Do you find yourself guessing which financial retirement options are best for you or how they will affect your tax liability? Wouldn’t you like to feel more confident about the outcome of those choices?

The retirement planning experts of Summerville & Associates are here to help guide you through the maze of financial possibilities, personal investment strategies and planning for your retirement while educating you along the way so you know what to expect in the years ahead.

Don’t leave your 401(k), IRAs and Roth IRA options and their tax implications to guess-work. Get expert answers to your tax questions and sound tax advice to give you the financial results for your future that provide peace of mind, knowing your needs will be taken care of when it matters most.

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