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IRS Problems?

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IRS Tax Problems?

Unfortunately, federal income tax problems are one of those instances when ignoring the problem will NOT make it go away—in fact, your IRS problems will only continue to grow until they take over your life. Penalties and interest on your back taxes keep adding up daily on unresolved tax issues, only making the situation worse and seemingly more impossible to escape from.

“Summerville & Associates saved me so much money ($25,725.70) and improved my life in such a dramatic way that I will be forever grateful. The day that I was notified by Summerville & Associates advising me that my tax issues had been settled I felt like a new man. I truly felt like a mega million dollar lottery winner and that is truly the best way I can explain it.” -Daniel W.

Let Us Resolve Your Tax Issues IRS problems are unrelenting and begin to creep into every corner of your life, even negatively affecting your physical and mental well being. Nervousness, anxiety, loss of sleep, depression and loss of appetite are common complaints from those trying to cope with federal income tax problems. Why live your life waiting for the axe to fall?

You deserve to live your life debt free and stress free. If you have tax problems, you don’t have to fight those tax issues alone. The IRS Auditors are not your friends and will do whatever it takes to collect on your debt. Having Summerville & Associates your side protects your rights and can greatly reduce your tax settlement. Our tax problem resolution specialists have a proven record of successful mediations that resulted in emotional relief and big savings for our clients. We want to help you negotiate lower penalties and fines, stop the harassing phone calls and letters and get back to living your life!

If You Qualify, We Can… Settle IRS Back Taxes Remove IRS Liens Stop Bank Levy and Property Seizure Reduce IRS Penalties and Interest Reduce the amount of your Tax Settlement End Wage Garnishment File Old Tax Returns Innocent Spouse Help with IRS and State Audits Settle State and Business Payroll Tax Problems If You Qualify, We Can…