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Personal Taxes

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Bring Us Your Income Tax Returns!

If you’re like most Americans, you view tax preparation as a painful annual chore that you do begrudgingly and with as little time investment as possible. Never quite sure what kind of federal taxes to expect and not really sure if you are eligible for more tax credits or tax relief. It doesn’t help matters that many tax preparers (you know, the big-name tax houses where the seasonal tax help that is handling your income taxes was flipping burgers 6 weeks ago and has less experience than you do!) apply a quick, “one size fits all” approach to tax preparation making you feel like you’re a widget on a factory conveyor belt. An altogether unpleasant experience!

Don’t go through life paying more income taxes than you really owe. Summerville & Associates has seasoned tax preparers available to handle your income tax returns. They will ensure that you take full advantage of all available tax credits to legally save up to thousands of dollars every year—dollars that can go back into your pocket!

Already facing an IRS Audit or Tax Problems? An IRS audit or other tax problems can be among the most troublesome financial issues you’ll have to face if you go it alone. Let us stop the stressful IRS letters and phone calls and get you on the road to tax relief before its too late. We have a proven record of successful Offers in Compromise and installment agreements, effectively saving our clients money on their federal taxes and many sleepless nights.